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We can cater to any special dietary requirements, gluten-free, vegan, halal, and lactose intolerant.

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Our woodfired pizzas are the perfect way to feed your guests. We deliver very high-quality food that pleases everyone. We use only the best ingredients with our scorching wood-fired oven that reaches in excess of 450 degrees to make our delicious woodfired pizzas. Our woodfired oven is mesmerizing and there is nothing better than watching your own pizza be cooked before your eyes. The setup includes our great bar service area that sets us apart from your typical gazebo frontage

We aim to create a unique and efficient setup to deliver the freshest tasting woodfired pizzas. We are constantly experimenting with our menu and have a variety of pizzas we can roll out on the day whether it’s the good old standard Margherita or the currylicious pizza with a taste of India on a pizza base. We can cater to any special dietary requirements, gluten-free, vegan, halal, and lactose intolerant.

We provide everything you’ll need on the day such as plates, cutlery, and napkins, and depart without leaving a trace. We are also entirely self-sufficient, so we don’t need access to water or electricity – this means we are completely unrestricted and can set up wherever is most suitable.

Please read the reviews on social media sites Facebook, Instagram Twitter for customer feedback demonstrating both the quality of pizzas and the service that we deliver at every event.

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Our Story

Basically, it’s cheese on toast. It’s taken some work to get it half-decent mind. We started up using an Aldi pizza oven without much knowledge of pizza at all.

Starting the business from a 1 bedroom flat ‘proved’ difficult pardon the pun. On many occasions, I would be knocking on my neighbor’s door for some storage solutions!!
I then decided to upgrade and purchase a pizza trailer instead of dropping the deposit for a house. We got involved often “taking over ” gardens and drives with the pizza trailer.

Training on the job by Cooking for family and friends.
I had some good pals who helped out along the way offering storage for my trailer in units and garages.
I would spend late nights in a fabrication factory practicing my trade in the oven. With Dean Martin playing in the background and a couple of cans it made it a lot easier.
Juggling the pizza game with a full-time job has been a task in itself. Working long hours and most weekends has left me running on reserves and caffeine!

We have had an awesome year post-lockdown. This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing clients we have catered for. Starting in 2018 catering in pub car parks moving onto weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and anniversaries we have met some great people.
Thank you for making the business a viable one.

Have an idea?
Roll with it. Make it work it’s tough it’s hard but graft the shit out of it.

Always crust your instincts.

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